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Where it all begins...

Majella is an Australian based, multinational company operating in a number of sectors including technology, design, engineering, project management and consulting services, property developments and finance.


Growing smart brands through experience. As a global media marketing agency, Majella Media Group produces, publishes, distributes and licenses high-quality creative to partners and affiliated brands seeking to play their bigger game. Our in-house team of storytellers are engaged to provide results that speak to your true brand DNA. Built for today’s action using tomorrows innovations, we are focused on driving your true business journey. Welcome to our agency – delivering results through the media channels and types of devices that matter.

Media & Marketing

Our Approach

Our goal is to innovate through creativity.

It is important to understand how your customers experience your brand, how it is measured and how to leverage your market through strategy.

Though our media channels, we develop high quality brand strategies to get your business into it’s marketplace and create a memorable experience through the exchange of visions, ideas, strategy and memories.

Majella Media Group presents a portfolio of four main passions within the media space:

  1. Creative Marketing – Strategic, tailored marketing solutions to grow and expose your brand in an international marketplace.
  2. Influential Advertising – Building smart brands, through leading creative mediums, that your demographic will love.
  3. Media Relations – Your story crafted, engineered and connected with an audience that matters.
  4. Events Management – Grow the message by bringing networks together for powerful, culturally driven milestones.

Who We Work With

Our active affiliates are a familiar bunch. Whether they enter into the Majella Media Group environment as emerging or proven talent, or as a driven startup with plenty to prove, our select partners all follow a set of critical criteria. We work exclusively with;

  1. Focussed brands driven by action taking and achieving leaders; and
  2. Future market innovators that value their ability to play their bigger game.

Do our values align?

Connect with us today and let’s grow together.

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Majella Property Development

Endless Possibilities

Majella Group provides our clients proper developments built upon our three pillar mantra of Quality, Integrity and Innovation.

Majella is dedicated to developing long-term, beneficial relationships with each and every one of its clients, generating wealth for your long-term future.


  • Finance and capital funds
  • Feasibility assessment, master planning, design, project management, construction, operations and facilities management, sales and marketing
  • Infrastructure, utilities, transportation and consulting
  • Data collection, inventory, maintenance, asset management systems and software
  • Audit, assessment, analysis, support, development or integrated data and contracts
  • Health and medical systems and software
  • Emergency and disaster
  • Health, incident and safety
  • Project and program delivery
  • IT infrastructure, hardware and tracking
  • Consulting, condition assessment, feasibility and training
  • Hospitality, food and beverage consulting services

Our Values

Our passion is for innovation.

Our goal is to provide you with a solution that assists in building better business practices in your desired field.

The Majella products and services enable you to lead project developments while having access to your data instantly, allowing you to streamline workforce strategies, maximise critical resources and improve operational efficiencies, providing your entity a real opportunity for growth.


Creating value is at the heart of our business, sharing it is the essential condition of its success. At Majella, we are committed to deliver the best quality products and services to fully satisfy the most specific needs of our clients.


From the moment of our engagement – to the desired return and results you achieve. Beyond our products and services, the true metric of our client’s success is that they actually achieve a greater quality of life.


Innovation comes from many sources and feeds on technology, anticipation of consumer trends and creativity. We are proud to have a very passionate team of experts that constantly enhance our software in order to stay ahead of future needs.

Where it begins...

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Our Leadership

Sebastian Mansour

Sebastian Monsour

Majella Group CEO

Sebastian is the Chief Executive Officer of the Majella Group of companies. He has more than two decades of experience designing, constructing, operating and managing infrastructure in the utility and government sectors.