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Where it all begins...

Majella is an Australian based, multinational company operating in a number of sectors including technology, design, engineering, project management and consulting services, property developments and finance.


Majella Capital is an Australian based, multi-national investment group with global reach, combining specialist investment expertise with the most advanced technologies within a range of sectors including property, business, information technology and finance. Our specialist expertise provides investors with advice built upon the Majella Group mantra... a mantra comprising of 3 pillars comprising of Quality, Integrity and Innovation.


Our Values

Not just fancy words on a wall, Majella Capital exists to inspire and positively impact investors through its three pillar mantra of Quality, Integrity and Innovation. Simply put, the investors we attract want more than superior and measurable returns, but also investments that consist of certainty and security, delivering results that inspire and propel their own professional and personal endeavours. Majella Capital believes wealth comes not just from an ability to excel, but also from the ability to anticipate and having the right people in place. Because of this powerful strategy, Majella Capital forms strong relationships that are long-lasting and for many generations to come.

Our Structure

Majella Capital is the manager of the Majella Capital Sub Fund (“Fund”). Upon subscription to the Fund, the investor acquires a beneficial interest in the project in which they invest through ownership of Special Purpose Vehicles established to undertake the projects or investments. Investing in the Fund gives investors a greater choice than many other funds as it allows investors to select particular investments in conjunction with an investment committee, which aligns with the investor’s investment objectives. A major benefit to investors is that their investment is secured by the underlying security, thus allowing the investor to benefit from any capital gains during the period of their investment.

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Majella Property Development

Endless Possibilities

Majella Group provides our clients proper developments built upon our three pillar mantra of Quality, Integrity and Innovation.

Majella is dedicated to developing long-term, beneficial relationships with each and every one of its clients, generating wealth for your long-term future.


  • Finance and capital funds
  • Feasibility assessment, master planning, design, project management, construction, operations and facilities management, sales and marketing
  • Infrastructure, utilities, transportation and consulting
  • Data collection, inventory, maintenance, asset management systems and software
  • Audit, assessment, analysis, support, development or integrated data and contracts
  • Health and medical systems and software
  • Emergency and disaster
  • Health, incident and safety
  • Project and program delivery
  • IT infrastructure, hardware and tracking
  • Consulting, condition assessment, feasibility and training
  • Hospitality, food and beverage consulting services

Our Values

Our passion is for innovation.

Our goal is to provide you with a solution that assists in building better business practices in your desired field.

The Majella products and services enable you to lead project developments while having access to your data instantly, allowing you to streamline workforce strategies, maximise critical resources and improve operational efficiencies, providing your entity a real opportunity for growth.


Creating value is at the heart of our business, sharing it is the essential condition of its success. At Majella, we are committed to deliver the best quality products and services to fully satisfy the most specific needs of our clients.


From the moment of our engagement – to the desired return and results you achieve. Beyond our products and services, the true metric of our client’s success is that they actually achieve a greater quality of life.


Innovation comes from many sources and feeds on technology, anticipation of consumer trends and creativity. We are proud to have a very passionate team of experts that constantly enhance our software in order to stay ahead of future needs.

Where it begins...

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Our Leadership

Prof. Frank Monsour

Prof Frank Monsour

Majella Group Founder

Prof Monsour has gained high acclaim within his surgical discipline both nationally and internationally having led the Specialty of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery through Principal Medical Specialty recognition within Australia and New Zealand for many years.

Sebastian Mansour

Sebastian Monsour

Majella Group CEO

Sebastian is the Chief Executive Officer of the Majella Group of companies. He has more than two decades of experience designing, constructing, operating and managing infrastructure in the utility and government sectors.

Dr. Luke Kirke

Dr Luke Kirke

Majella Capital Funds Management CEO

With more than 20 years’ experience in corporate finance, infrastructure advisory and regulatory economics, Dr Kirke has held senior roles in organisations including the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Queensland Investment Corporation.